Khaos Control Website Integration

During 2010 I've worked at Hot Mustard Media to update Planet X Bikes' systems and websites.

We took a holistic approach, after a month of interviews and testing of various ERP systems we selected one called Khaos Control to replace Actinic and a spreadsheet as their original management systems.

Khaos Control provides all their stock and warehouse management, accounts and purchasing in a single place.

Through the software that I wrote it is also possible to maintain the products for sale all within Khaos Control.

Khaos Control has a SOAP based API that allows the e-commerce website to have real time stock and order management.

Since the implementation Planet X has gone through amazing growth in terms of sales and visitors to the website. Matt Kerwick at Hot Mustard Media planned and implemented a strategy that helped Planet X climb google rankings through some incredibly smart SEO work. Hot Mustard also rolled out the Khaos Control Integration in a 3 month timeframe from initialization meeting to getting the website live. Matt implemented the system while I created the website and integration. Since the launch of the new website Planet X has almost doubled it's annual turnover and we've seen a quadrupling of internet traffic.

Our integration with Khaos Control is fully featured, it allows us to roll out websites connected to all the core features of Khaos Control with ease the whole business benefits from a single place to manage all their customers, orders and stock.

We created an advanced bike builder within Khaos Control that allows Planet X to create various bikes that allow customers to customise the specification and have their custom bike built in the Planet X factory.

I opted for the tested platform of PHP and MySQL to run the website. The final solution takes all the hard work that we put into the Planet X website and condenses it into a simple and turnkey e-commerce platform based around Khaos Control