Not a web design agency

Not a web design agency

The Internet Lab Studio ( is not a web design agency. It is the commercial limited company front for David Harris, a freelance web designer in Oxford.

A web design agency has many specialist employees, for instance one takes care of their server, one their databases and scripting engines, there are graphic designers who pass their graphics to a web developer who will create web pages from them.

I am the Swiss-army knife of web designers, a multi-specialist. I run my own servers, configuring them to the exact needs of my clients, my education background is in both graphic design and engineering. I have been working with web technologies since the boom in the mid 90s, over 10 years ago.

My experience having worked for several agencies is that often communication gets in the way of creating a great web site. As a designer and developer in an agency you get to know client's aims third or forth hand. The client talks to the agency project manager who talks to the senior designer who talks to the graphic and technical design team.

Sometimes the client's ideas get lost. Sometimes the technical know how never gets to the client. The infrastructure has been created to help manage the websites and keep the designer or developer from bamboozling a client with technical mumbo jumbo.

I work in all web disciplines, so I don't need lengthy in house too-ing and fro-ing, it really is easier to deal person to person without the chineese whisper that a web design agency brings to every project.

Clients shouldn't need to know a lot of technical terms, but they should know how some design decisions will affect their business. In short they should talk to the design team. The design team is me. As someone commissioning a website you should stay informed but not bamboozled, that is my aim.

I try to work transparently and to benefit your organisation as much as possible by using the best design practices.