Southern Sudan Project - Southern Sudan Project at the Pitt Rivers Museum

Designed for optimal access. Database driven, accessible, CSS based design with custom image processing.

The Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, has one of the most import ethnographic collections of photos and objects in the world.

Over 4,500 photos were scanned and 1,500 objects were photographed with database records created specifically for the web site.

I worked with their professors and researchers at the University of Oxford to migrate their Filemaker database online, build complex user functions allowing the objects and photos to be researched and new ideas to be formed all within the web site.

Migrating the databases from Filemaker to MySQL allowed them to be queried across the web, returning information on the web site for academic research.

The site has a clean unobtrusive design that helps showcase the information that the users want. All the pages were designed to allow access to people of all abilities and dissabilities. By using web design standards laid out by the W3C ensures that the web site is designed to be future proofed.

I solved the awkward copyright issue of distributing high quality images by allowing users access to close up detail and the abilty to pan around an image all within an accessible HTML design. I developed a program that allows users access to intimate details but keeps coipyright control of the images firmly in the hands of the owners.


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