The Tibet Album Project

The Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, has one of the most fascinating collections of historucal photos from Tibet.

Over 6,000 photos were scanned with database records created specifically for the web site.

Working alongside professors and researchers from the Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford and the British Museum, London. As for the Southern Sudan Project the core data was created using Filemaker. I chose to migrate the data to MySQL for online use due to the complexity of the related databases and the need for more robust and powerful search functions than Filemaker could provide. Additional to the web of links that the research database has created (photographs can be accessed through multiple navigation paths) there are complementary interactive Macromedia Flash elements.

I created these Flash applications for the maps of Tibet and Lhasa, to allow users with no geographical knowledge to explore the regions of Central Tibet. There is also the advanced album functions, by using Flash it was possible to allow users to create and layout their own albums.

The site is a revolution for the museum, allowing simple access to thousands of photos via the website and allowing us all a view of TIbet that has been lost to history.